Louisbourg Lighthouse 1947

 This was the lighthouse when I lived on it. We lived at the lighthouse for 3 years. I was 5 when we left in 1947 but I still have some vivid memories. I often played outside by myself and was told not to go near the cliffs.
We had a telephone but no power a well and a chemical toilet.
My father was the assistant light keeper to William Covey.. Mr. Covey loved to terrorize my mother with stories of the ghosts of headless Frenchmen. She got even with one day when she filled a pair of coveralls with rags and placed it behind his car, so it looked like he had run over somebody in the dark. Then she told him he must have run over a hobo.
One very calm day at low tide my dad saw a cannonball in a tide pool. He recovered it with the help of a rope and bucket and a clothesline pole. I sold it for a hundred dollars a few years ago.
In the winter I would walk around with my father to check the rabbit snares. the second Xmas my father bought a phonograph and 3 albums. The 78 albums had 4 two-sided records. One was Bunk Johnson and the other was Spike Jones 'The Nut Cracker' the third was Strauss waltzes and we played them over and over.
I remember a fishing boat hitting the rocks. the men were saved but the next morning they phoned and asked my mother to see if there was any of the boat left to salvage. I went down to the stormy sea with Mother and we saw it had broken up and pieces of the boat everywhere, in choppy 3 and 4 ft waves. strangely a 2 by 6 piece of the boat floated into us with the boat's alarm clock just sitting on it. - Gary LeDrew
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