Introducing "Sunday Afternoon Dundonald Inn," a captivating canvas print of a digital painting that measures 20 x 30 inches. This artwork offers a vibrant, impressionistic view of a charming, large, old-style house with a prominent gabled roof and chimneys. Set against a strikingly blue sky with textured clouds, the scene exudes an inviting warmth. 

In front of the house, a vintage car painted in bright colors is parked on a reddish-pink dirt road, leading viewers right into the comforting, nostalgic atmosphere of the setting. The landscape surrounding the house is lush with greenery and punctuated with yellow foliage, providing a beautiful contrast that enriches the overall composition. The bold colors and dynamic brushstrokes bring the scene to life, making the artwork feel alive and expressive.

Inspired by historical Louisbourg, this piece captures the essence of time gone by with a touch of modern vibrancy. The unique process of digitally painting and then transferring the work onto canvas allows for a richly textured and detailed visual experience that feels both classic and contemporary.

Perfect for anyone who cherishes historical architecture and vibrant artistry, "Sunday Afternoon Dundonald Inn" is sure to become a cherished addition to any art collection.

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 30 X 40 $300,    24 X 36 $260,     18 X 24 $240,     16 X 20 $140   


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