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Low Point Sunset

Painted Puffin

Moon Shadow Baddeck Cape Breton

Blues Walk

Bluenose Morning Louisbourg

Boats and Barns. Big Lorraine 30s

Louisbourg Lighthouse 50s

Lighthouse Sunset, Louisbourg Cape Breton

Low Point Sunset Sydney Cape Breton

Low Point Lighthouse and Ferry Sydney Cape Breton

The Margaree

Mira Station and 70 Cape Breton

The Bounty at Louisbourg 1995

Puffin Rock Cape Breton

S & L Railway Museum Louisbourg

Sydney Sunset -

Tallships Morning

Tall ships Louisbourg 2018 - Picton Castle

Toilers of the Sea - Cod fishing Cape Breton

Twighlight Moose Cape Breton

Winter Deer Cape Breton