Lighthouse Portrait2 (Louisbourg)

Gary LeDrew
24 x 30 Canvas
16 x 20 Canvas painting  
11 x 14  signed Print  
Gary LeDrew
235 Alexandra St # 17
Sydney N.S. B1S3A4

We lived on the lighthouse for 3 years at the end of WWII. My father was assistant keeper to Wilfred Covey and we shared the house which was a duplex. We had no electricity but had a telephone to report emergency's

 I was only 5 when we left the light but I  still have few stark memories. A fishing boat had floundered in rough seas and the crew had been rescued. The next morning I went down to the shore with my mother and we watched as a 2x6 chunk of wood from the boat washed ashore with the boat's alarm clock just sitting on it.

Louisbourg Lighthouse.

ProvinceNova Scotia

Latitude45° 54" 21'
Longitude-59° 57" 31'
FormatDD DMS
Body of waterNorth side of Entrance to Louisbourg Harbour, Cape Breton
Height Above Water105 feet
Light CharacteristicsOne-second white flash every 10 seconds

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